Jun 22

Waist to Height Calculator

Use this waist to height calculator to find out how healthy your weight is

Your waist to height ratio is now recognised as a better way of establishing how healthy your weight is than your BMI (body mass index).

To measure your waist:

  1. Stand up straight, and stand naturally.
  2. Don’t suck your tummy in, but don’t push it out either.
  3. Using a tape measure, measure your waist around its narrowest part.*
  4. Choose either metric, or imperial (don’t mix both!) and use the approprate waist to height calculator below:

Metric Waist to Height Calculator


Imperial Waist to Height Calculator


* (If your waist is convex and wider than your chest or hips, then instead measure your waist horizontally one inch above your belly button)



< 0.35        abnormally slim
0.35-0.42   very slim
0.42-0.46   slender
0.46-0.49   normal
0.49-0.54   overweight
0.54-0.58   obese
0.58+          highly obese


< 0.35         abnormally slim
0.35-0.43   very slim
0.43-0.46   slender
0.46-0.54   normal
0.54-0.58   overweight
0.58-0.63   obese
0.63+          highly obese



The human body varies a lot from person to person.  We’re all different, and it is impossible to accurately categorise someone’s weight.  The calculator above gives an accurate waist-to-height ratio, but an approximate classification of the result.

Why not try the other calculators too?  The BMI and waist to hip calculators may show slightly differering weight classifications – especially if you’re very muscular or lean.

No system is perfect, but the result is generally a good indicator of the health of your current weight.

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