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Porridge Power!

The power of porridge!

Porridge - the dieter's friend

A bowl of porridge is great for your diet

Porridge is a valuable weapon in your weight loss battle. Porridge really helps you reduce your calorie intake.

What is porridge?

Porridge is a mixture of whole rolled oats and milk (or water) cooked together to make a hot thick cereal based meal. It has a thick consistency and can be sweetened and flavoured to taste. Sugar, brown sugar, golden syrup are just a few flavourings that are commonly added.

It is traditionally served at breakfast and originates in Scotland. The Scots often add a pinch of salt to bring out the flavour.

In the USA oatmeal and grits are served – they are not quite the same (oatmeal has had the bran removed from the oats) but they are still great for your diet. If you are reading this from the States then seek out some real porridge oats if you can – the texture and taste of real porridge is the best!

Pre-packaged porridge

Pre-packaged porridge – a convenience food becomes even more convenient

Why is porridge so great for your diet?

  • It takes just 30g of porridge oats to make a bowl of porridge.
  • You can make it with water, skimmed milk or a mixture of both – keeping the calories down.
  • A bowl of porridge, made 50/50 with skimmed milk and water, with a little sugar, contains 160 calories
  • Porridge is VERY filling
  • Porridge oats are a slow release carbohydrate, which means you’ll feel full for a long time after eating them
  • Porridge is a fibre-rich food that is really good for your heart and helps lower cholesterol.
  • Porridge is incredibly easy to make – you can even make it in the microwave in just 2 minutes.
  • Porridge is delicious!

Top Tips

1 Seek out ‘Oat-So-Simple’ or equivalent pre-packaged brands. These are great because your 30g portion is already measured, the sachet they come in doubles up as a milk/water measurer, the microwaving instructions are on the box, as are the calories per portion. Also they come in some great flavours – personally I love the Oat-So-Simple golden syrup flavour!

2 Try to avoid eating the oats raw. You can make a lovely muesli-style cereal by mixing the raw oats with milk – however when they are not cooked they are nowhere near as filling! Yet the calories are the same! So, in order to help your diet, make sure you cook them!

Be careful about your extras. Using whole milk, or adding whole milk (or cream) naturally defeats the object. So does adding big spoonfuls of sugar, honey, golden syrup etc. Go easy on the extras. Count your calories.

Porridge oats

Porridge oats – rolled whole oats

Bear in mind you can save money by buying your own oats and measuring out your own portions.  However, this starts to become a chore!

Porridge is a wonderful food, and is a true friend to your diet so be careful of anything that may discourage you from preparing it – like fiddling with kitchen scales and measuring jugs for example.

So, for my first ever post :), I offer you a valuable weapon for your weight loss battle – porridge!

By David Hart

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(c) Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.

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  1. John

    Try Porridge with natural yoghurt and honey on top after cooking. The yoghurt is good for digestion and the honey is better than any form of processed sugar. Add a small pinch of cinnamon and you’ve added two super foods to the oats – which makes this very healthy and tasty. Natural Greek yoghurt is the healthiest but not to everyone’s taste. The calories and the fat remain low so you can have a huge bowl of this for breakfast and be well on your way to weight loss with a planned diet.

  2. Nick

    But ruins your pans!

  3. Porridge pam

    Try cooking it in a slow cooker for about 2 and a half to 3 hours. Just add extra milk if it looks too thick. Delicious! X

  4. Katie

    I used to hate the stuff but now love it. I like mine either 1/2 or 1/4 up of porridge oats, made with half semi skimmed and water. If I have it (if any left from the cat) some evaporated milk swirled in with a bit of Splenda (to me tastes just like sugar) and loads of freshly ground nutmeg. Am eating a bowl full for supper. Yum!

  5. mark

    Simple porridge recipe never fails 2 parts liquid to 1 part porridge for instance a cup of porridge to 1 cup water 1cup milk or 2 cups milk 1 porridge

  6. Dave

    I’ve not eaten porridge for nearly 23 years never really liked it but have started a diet and added porridge into it. I make mine up with unsweetened almond milk. sweeteners to taste and sliced banana. I don’t like it when it goes too thick so I cook it till it just starts to turn thick and I’m a lot happier for it as it will help with my weight loss and all the other benefits it has too

  7. David

    So heartening to see all these comments about porridge.

    Yesterday, I had the ultimate porridge, actually made by my real life Mum in her kitchen, and sprinkled with muscovado sugar (naughty I know).

    The ultimate comfort food!

  8. frek

    Try this, I look forward to it every morning, cup of porridge, cup of whole milk, 10 almonds, handful of raisins, microwave for no more than 70 seconds, sometimes walnuts as well, yum.

  9. Roy

    Porridge is a very healthy food for a number of reasons. Several months ago I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome which causes disruption to normal bowel movements. I started to eat porridge for breakfast every day and within a week the symptoms had improved and 90% have cleared .

  10. David

    Compare the cost of Oat so Simple and supermarket own brand. No contest! Find a measuring cup of the right size so you have the same each time. No problem! This is the best and cheapest cereal of all.

  11. Amina Jaffery

    Porridge is indeed a wonder food. I have a yummy recipe for chickenterians :)
    Boil water in a pan. Once boiled, add oats porridge and also add a chicken stock or chicken cube. Bring to boil and keep stirring until your desired thickness of the porridge.
    Tadaa !!!!! Have a filling bowl of oatmeal porridge with a hint of chicken flavor,low calories and keep hunger prangs at bay. :) :) You are welcome

  12. Tracy Davies

    I love porridge i could just eat porridge for the rest of my life and be completely happy.I like to make mine with semi skimmed milk and use the ready measured bag to gauge how much i need i find this very usefull and a whole lot less hassle.I always put mine in for an extra minute as i like mine to be of a real thick consistancy.So yep love porridge,great stuff :)

  13. Harry

    I love mine cold made the night before. portion of porridge with sultans add semi-skinned milk, then add a sprinkle of chopped nuts in the morning delicious.

  14. Cherie

    I eat stir mashed banana and blueberries into my porridge :) I used to pile on the brown sugar but now I keep to my natural sugars, I have been refined sugar free for a month now! I am naturally quite small weighing 63kg but still not as toned as I would like, porridge and a large cup of tea for breakfast is my go-to brekkie!!

  15. Caroline

    Hi I love porridge and was also brought up on it, I make mine with 1/4 pint whole milk, 1/4 pint cold water, and 1/2 cup of porridge oats. bring to the boil and simmer for a moment. turn of the heat and add a small amount of salt. Tip into a serving bowl and then add a big spoonful of unsweetened apple sauce, then top with green or black grapes sliced into halves. It is very quick to make, filling. I will now try swapping my milk to semi skimmed as it will then have less fat, but still be delicious.

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