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Action precedes motivation

Action precedes...

Action precedes…

Weight Loss Ladder is a slimming programme that develops the mind to empower successful weight loss, so it is not surprising that motivation is an important factor, alongside others such as willpower, emotional eating and challenging the thinking errors that cause weight gain. But did you know that action precedes motivation?



The trouble with motivation is that it is often misconceived. The most obvious way at looking at motivation is to think that in order to achieve something – in this case weight loss – you need to become motivated first.

However this is putting the cart before the horse! Of course, you are more likely to lose weight if you are motivated first, but the fact of the matter is finding that motivation in the first place can be very difficult! But, if you act first, if you start your diet and exercise programme regardless of how you feel, your motivation will follow.

The very fact that you will have endured a hardship, cut back on your eating and increased your exercise, even though you didn’t feel like doing it, will have delivered an achievement. You did it! Even after one day, the fact you achieved this will motivate you. After a week, when you notice a weight loss on the scales, your motivation will have built even further.

Don't put the cart before the horse!

Don’t put the cart before the horse!

So if you want to lose weight but struggle to find the motivation, don’t sit around waiting for it. Start your diet anyway, and your motivation will follow.

Of course, you say, that’s easier said than done. Starting a diet ‘cold turkey’, when you don’t have the energy or insiration or hope or belief in yourself that you can succeed is easy for me to say, isn’t it? And restarting a diet after a setback can seem equally daunting.

Well that’s where Weight Loss Ladder comes in. Simple steps and practical exercises that helped me will soon be able to help you find the courage, faith and strength to take that first crucial action to set the ball rolling, and then keep it rolling until you’ve hit your target weight.

It will be released by Monday 8 April 2013..

David Hart

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