Feb 06

Beware the Alcohol Fake Weight Loss

Glass of champagne

Don’t be fooled, over time the scales will disappoint

Alcohol and diets don’t mix well.

The calories in alcohol are ’empty’ – that means they don’t contribute to helping you feel full.  Also, after a drink or two, you may start to lose your willpower – ‘What the hell’, you may think, as you reach for the peanuts or order a pizza.

But there is a paradox: if you do drink the night before the scales may pleasantly surprise the following morning.  Even if you’ve consumed way too many calories yesterday, the scales may actually show a weight loss.  For instance, it isn’t unusual to ‘lose’ 2 or 3 pounds in weight the morning after consuming say, a bottle or wine, or a few large whiskies the night before.

Don’t be fooled!  Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 12

Get Weight Loss Ladder for 1/2 Price – One Week Only

I’ve just launched a one week promotion on my 10 step weight loss ebook – you can get it for half price which in the UK is just 99p (or US equivalent).

Hurry – this deal ends on 18 January at 11pm UK time!

In my Weight Loss Ladder eBook you’ll discover the 10 steps to help you keep the weight off forever.  You’ll get to know yourself better, and understand the reasons why you have struggled with your weight.  Not only that, but the new attitudes it shows you to help you lose weight also help you to live a happier and better life.

If you gained weight over Christmas, now is the time to start thinking about shifting it…and my book will help you discover why you gained it, and how to keep it off forever.

You can get Weight Loss Ladder here:

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Anyone can download the eBook – you simply need a laptop, pc, smart phone, tablet or kindle.  If you don’t already have the kindle app installed on your device, it will automatically prompt you to install it (the app is free).

If you do take advantage of this offer, I’d love to hear your feedback in the form of a short review on Amazon.  Happy dieting.


Jan 02

Exercise – the diet meta-activity


You can’t do it without exercise!

If you want to diet successfully you simply must exercise.  Regular exercise must be an integral part of any lasting weight loss.  You can’t do it without exercise!


The most obvious way exercise helps you lose weight is the calories it burns.  A half hour jog for example burns between 200-400 calories, depending on your size and level of activity.  These burned calories add up over time.

If you were to burn 350 calories in exercise for 5 days a week that would add up to 1750 calories in a week – that’s around 1/2 a pound of fat.  This may not sound much, but added up over time would equate to nearly 2 stone in a year. Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 28

Preparing for your diet – write down what you eat

Food record close up

Writing down what you eat is an easy win

If you’ve gained weight over the Christmas season you may be thinking about going on a diet soon.  Have you noticed that nagging from somewhere at the back of your mind?

Suddenly starting a diet, especially after period of feasting, can be quite a shocking transition. To help with this there are ways you can start preparing even before you actually start the big DIET, and writing down the food and drink you consume is one of them. Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 26

Resisting Temptation – does ‘Sod it’ really mean ‘Sod you’?

Assortment of Christmas cakes

Oh go on…sod it! Or sod you?

It was Oscar Wilde who famously said

I can resist everything except temptation

but as we approach the peak dieting season this sentiment is hardly helpful.  Oscar Wilde was playfully recognising his human weakness, and indulging it even before trying to overcome his temptations.

Now that Christmas Day is over, soon many of us will be turning our minds to tackling the weight we may have gained over the festive season. Read the rest of this entry »

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